“Why Not Me” 90-Day Transformation Challenge


Mon., October 12, 2020 through Mon., January 4, 2021 

***Deadline to enter is October 5, 2020. This will allow time to get all plans and photos submitted to start the challenge

Staying on track during a pandemic, this holiday season can be challenging. Most of us tend to put on a few unwanted pounds by indulging in endless amounts of foods and decreasing activity.

This 90-Day “Transformation” Challenge is a great way to help you beat that holiday bulge and stay consistent during these challenging  times. If you are looking for a transformation solution, this is FOR YOU. Let’s bring in THE NEW YEAR with a NEW BODY!!


-You must submit photos with either a time stamp, newspaper or the required transformational flyer to prevent submitting outdated photos.

-NO SPOTS WILL BE HELD. All entries must be complete in the allowed time

-This is not a weight loss challenge to see who can lose the most weight even though you will lose weight. It’s more about the transformation of the body and leading a healthier lifestyle.

-Photos are to be submitted using shorts or leggings and a sports bra. Try not to pull them too high to reveal the full transformation.

*Please note: All photos must be submitted to RodJacksonUTF@gmail.com prior to the start of the 90-Day Transformation Challenge. Winners will be determined by the BEST OVERALL TRANSFORMATION during the challenge.

*Additional workout plans and virtual training sessions can be purchased at a discounted rate.

What’s Included?

Meal Guide, Workout Plan, Cardio Regimen, Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

Cash Prize

  • Winner will receive $500.00

After purchase, Rodderick will get in touch with you about details!