Our vision at United Through Fitness is to inspire and help our clients achieve their personal fitness goals and understand the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle through 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions, Online Training , motivational videos and customized nutritional plans.

The Owner:
Rodderick Jackson

My name is Rodderick Jackson. I am a certified Master Trainer, Musclemania Pro Bodybuilder, IFBB Classic Physique Pro and business owner from Gonzales, LA. Fitness has always been my passion. Being a three-sport athlete in high school, I have always had a solid understanding of training and nutrition. But that wasn’t enough, I knew I had a greater purpose in life. Seeing my mother, along with many in my immediate circle (i.e. friends, family and colleagues) struggle with numerous health-related issues due to obesity, I wanted to be a “voice” to make a change within the community. I also wanted to put myself in a position to make a positive impact and help to change the lives of those around me.

The Business Partner
& Marketing Director:
Christy Jackson

Christy has been the “brains” behind the vision and I could not be happier to have her as part of my team. Not to mention, she has an outstanding personality and truly cares about helping others WIN. This determined leader has equipped herself with a great combination of skills and knowledge. She is extremely ambitious and has close to two decades of marketing/business experience. In addition to her bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Christy holds a Masters of Business Administration degree. She obtained these degrees from Colorado State University and University of Phoenix, respectively. Christy recently completed her Project Management Certificate from Colorado State University in 2016.

Christy is also a Fitness Enthusiast who is highly passionate about health and fitness. She has PASSION with PURPOSE. Once weighing in at 225lbs, she knows the struggles of being overweight and her transformation story is nothing short of amazing. She truly aspires to inspire others to live a healthier and fitter lifestyle by providing tips, tricks and motivation. Christy maintains her physique by training 5 to 6 days per week and maintaining a healthy diet. You will soon be able to interact with her on our blog.

I want to show the people of the world that nothing is out of your reach.

Rodderick Jackson

Competition History:

2012: Musclemania Lonestar Men’s Bodybuilding Novice Heavyweight 4th Place
2012: NPC Redstick Classic Men’s Bodybuilding Novice Lightweight Champion and Overall Novice Champion
2012: Musclemania SpaceCity Classic Men’s Bodybuilding Heavyweight Champion
2013: Musclemania Lonestar Men’s Bodybuilding Middleweight Champion and Overall Champion (earned Pro Card)
2014: Musclemania Universe Men’s Pro Bodybuilding Short Class Runner-Up
2014: Musclemania World Championship Men’s Pro Bodybuilding Lightweight Class 7th Place
2015: Musclemania Universe Men’s Pro Bodybuilding Short Class 5th Place
2017: NPC Louisiana Bayou Muscle Men’sClassic Physique Open Group B 3rd Place
           NPC Louisiana Bayou Muscle Men’s  Classic Physique Over 35 Group A 1st Place
2017: NPC MaxMuscle Mile High Men’s Classic Physique Masters 35+ 1st Place
           NPC MaxMuscle Mile High Men’s Classic Physique Open 1st Place Division B
           NPC MaxMuscle Mile High Men’s Classic Physique Overall Champion
2018: NPC Nutrithority Mile High Men’s Classic Physique Open 2nd Place Division B
           NPC Nutrithority Mile High Men’s Classic Physique Masters 35+ 1st Place
           NPC Nutrithority Mile High Men’s Classic Physique Masters Overall Champion
2018: NPC Greater Gulf States Men’s Classic Physique Masters 35+ 1st Place
           NPC Greater Gulf States Men’s Classic Physique Masters/ Open Overall Champion
2019: NPC Nutrithority Denver Open Men’s Classic Physique Overall Champion
           NPC Nutrithority Denver Open Men’s Masters  Classic Physique Overall Champion
2019: NPC North American Championships Men’s Classic Physique Over 35 2nd Place
           (Earned IFBB Pro Card)

Our Story:

I started my own personal training company, Untamed Fitness in 2010. Since starting my own company, I have been able to fulfill that purpose through personal/group training sessions, boot camps, bodybuilding competitions and providing customized nutrition programs. After the passing of my mother and meeting an extraordinary woman, I was inspired to start my own fitness apparel clothing line, UTF APPAREL in 2016. Moreover, as my company began to expand, we were proud to introduce our first sponsored fitness apparel athletes IFBB PRO TERRELL ROBERTSON and World Champion Bodybuilder/Fitness Expert SHAWN WOLFE. Since the beginning, so much has changed and we have evolved into UNITED THROUGH FITNESS.

I can’t express enough how passionate I am about health and fitness. Even more than that, I love helping people achieve their personal fitness goals, get results, and do what they thought was IMPOSSIBLE. The excitement that I receive from motivating my clients, despite their circumstances is priceless.