Personal Training

Our Personal Training style is unique. It’s a high intensity 30-Minute Body Confusion style of training using Body Weight Exercises, Functional Training mixed with Free Weights and Exercise Machines. Our goal is to maximize that time by keeping your body in a targeted training zone based on your heart rate. Transforming your mind and body. Online Training is also available!

What you’ll get:

  • Enhance Muscular and Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Lose Body Fat
  • Training and Nutrition Tips

Note: Different packages are available

T.E.A.M. Training (Together Everyone Achieves More)

Our high-intensity T.E.A.M. Training is another way to achieve attainable goals together as a team. Training in a team environment can help clients increase confidence, learn the value of relationships, appreciate teamwork and learn how to be both a follower and leader as it relates to a healthy team dynamic.

The Together Everyone Achieves More approach is designed to create a competitive environment that is unique, uplifting, challenging and fun. It provides a sense of accountability with groups of individuals who share your same goals and motivation for change. This style of training also improves your success rate of achieving your goals. So grab your spouse, partner or friend and LET’S GET STARTED TODAY!

(T.E.A.M. Training T-Shirt included)

Note: Upgrade option available