Personal Training

Our Personal Training style is unique. It’s a high intensity 30-45 Minute Body Confusion style of training using Body Weight Exercises, Functional Training mixed with Free Weights and Exercise Machines. Our goal is to maximize that time by keeping your body in a targeted training zone based on your heart rate. Transforming your mind and body. Online Training is also available!

What you’ll get:

  • Enhance Muscular/ Cardiovascular Endurance and Overall Fitness Levels
  • Lose Body Fat and Change Your Body Composition
  • Training and Nutrition Guides
  • Note: Different packages are available

 Online Training and Nutrition 

Our online training and nutrition program is very similar to the personal training program minus the hands on training in the gym. You will receive all of the tools that you need to be successful in reaching your goals via email or text messaging. Training programs and nutritional planning will be provided to guide you step by step through this process. 

-Bi Weekly Checkins

-Exercise and Nutritional Guides

-Fitness Consultations


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